ADOBE’s President Honored

Genevieve Bricker bids farewell at recent reception

The Association for the Development of a Better Environment (ADOBE) held a reception on December 10 to honor Genevieve Bricker, one of the association’s founding members and current president.

Ms. Bricker will be stepping down from the office in January. She was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from the board by Apache Junction Mayor Jeff Serdy (above) for her 22 years of service to the board of the organization and was credited with 15 major advancements in the Gold Canyon area.

“Genevieve feels that there is, in fact, a season for everything, and it is now the season for her to turn over the helm of ADOBE leadership,” stated the ADOBE announcement.

Attended by more than 100, the reception was held at the Gold Canyon Best Western Hotel near US-60 and Kings Ranch Road.

Over the years, Genevieve Bricker has demonstrated her dedication to the purpose of ADOBE as stated in its mission: “to gather and disseminate to its membership information pertaining to any public, private, government, commercial or developmental activities that may affect the present or future character or environment of the community and to serve as a conduit between these entities and the membership.”

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