AJHS Boys Soccer Update

By Daniel Dullum

Struggles continue for the youthful Apache Junction boys soccer team, which lost 5-0 to Tempe on Jan. 9 at Davis Field.

“Tempe was just a little faster getting to the ball; that pretty much sums it up,” AJ Coach Bryce Milkey said. “When you condition a little bit better, you need to be a little bit quicker and you have to want it more. When we get there, we’ll start winning more.”

The Prospectors are 2-6 overall, 0-1 in Black Canyon Region, and ranked No. 35 in the AIA Division IV Power Poll. AJ puts a young team on the field, with 15 first-year varsity players on the roster, and four returning players.

“We’re getting there,” Milkey said. “It’s a first-year coach, we have a lot of first-year guys, and it’s exciting. We have a lot of good things coming.

“It’s been fun,” Milkey said. “It’s been great so far. I love the kids and everything.”

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