AJHS’ Shadowing Program Shines Light on Career Paths

The light is shining a little brighter on possible career paths that AJHS students can explore after graduation, thanks to a new Shadowing Program launched in January.

The Shadowing Program allows students to explore and plan their education and career choices by researching possible careers and spending a day observing a professional practitioner, artisan or worker in a field that is of interest to the student. Students in the 11th and 12th grades are eligible to apply online on the Events & Activities page of the AJHS website, https://www.ajusd.org/Page/12009, by visiting the AJHS College & Career Center (Main Office) or emailing Tom Mattausch, college & career center coordinator: tmattaus@goaj.org.

Students complete basic research in their areas of interest using the Arizona Career Information System, which is the Department of Education’s platform for Education and Career Action, before participating in a “shadow day.” After students complete their basic research, the College & Career Center identifies shadowing opportunities. Students are then responsible for scheduling the shadow day and making arrangements for transportation to and from the shadowing location. Once a student confirms these details with the AJHS College & Career Center coordinator, the high school will grant the student an excused absence from classes during the time he or she is taking part in the shadowing activity.

By spending a day with someone who works in the field the student hopes to pursue, he or she can become familiar with many aspects of the position, such as daily tasks and work activities, working conditions, physical demands, required skills and abilities, as well as knowledge and preparation, licensing and certification requirements and employment outlook. Shadowing also allows our students to gain a better idea of high school courses that would support their career plans.

Alexander Gossmann, a junior (rising senior) and amateur musician, recently completed his shadowing experience by spending the day with Four Peaks Elementary School Music Teacher Pam Turner. Alexander has been an AJUSD student since grade school, has performed with the AJHS drum line for three years and is a section leader in the AJHS band. His career goal is to become a music teacher.

Information about the program was emailed to 11th and 12th grade students on Jan. 22. Parents who are interested in learning more about the program for their student can email Mr. Mattausch at tmattaus@goaj.org or call 480-474-3980 ext. 5338.

Photo above: AJHS Junior Alexander Gossmann recently shadowed FPES Music Teacher Pam Turner to learn about a career as a music teacher.

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