AJPD: Alarm Registration & Monitoring Changes

Beginning Monday, June 3, 2019, Apache Junction Police Department will be making some changes to their alarm program. The city of Apache Junction will no longer be processing alarm registrations or accept payments. AJPD will contract with the PM AM Corporation, who will be monitoring the alarm registration and false alarm program.

Customers will now be able to access their accounts and pay online. In addition, new customers will be able to register and pay their bills at www.famspermit.com/ApacheJunction or by phone at 1-888-387-1692. Applications may be printed and mailed to: City of Apache Junction False Alarm Reduction Program, P.O. Box143516, Irving, TX. 75014.

These changes will only affect businesses and residents with alarm permits. Please be advised: there will be NO FEE CHANGE; a private company will simply be handling our billing and false alarm correspondence.

Apache Junction Police Department will still be answering alarm calls and sending police officers to respond to any events at the alarm permit holder’s alarm location. AJPD will still be providing consistent, customer-centric service to all of our business owners. The customer will have no change in services provided by AJPD.

Please note that customer invoices will look different. Please be aware that this is not a “scam” letter, and the invoice will bear the AJPD shoulder patch logo. If any customer receives an invoice they are concerned with, they are welcome to call the non-emergency line at 480-982-8260, and we will respond to verify.

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