AJPD Aux. Ready for Big Events this Month

Apache Junction Police Department (AJPD) Auxiliary Patrol is amping up their training in preparation for the Lost Dutchman Marathon and Lost Dutchman Day’s Parade. Officer Wes Kelley has been providing Auxiliary Patrol Officers traffic control training leading up to the events.

February 17, 2019, Auxiliary Officers will be controlling the flow of traffic along the marathon route. The following week, February 23, 2019, will be helping to shut down and then reopening Apache Trail for The Lost Dutchman Day’s Parade.AJPD Auxiliary Officers volunteer their time to the citizens of

Apache Junction by assisting police officers with patrol duties, parking enforcement, and traffic/crowd control. In addition, the volunteers help maintain AJPD’s fleet of patrol vehicles. The auxiliary program plays a tremendous role at AJPD and their assistance is a necessary and valuable resource for AJPD Officers and for the community as a whole.

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