AJPD Lists Recent Narcotics Arrests

During the last several months, the Apache Junction Police Department (AJPD), Criminal Investigation Division (CID) and the Community Resource Enforcement Unit (CREU) have made numerous narcotics arrests.

Many of these cases involved long term enforcement operations and further utilized the assistance of AJPD’s SWAT operators and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents. The following is a snapshot of some of those arrests:

Melissa Hamel, W/F 42 YOA and Jeremy Burch, W/M 31 YOA, Nathan Reitsma, W/M 32 YOA, 1500 block of South Desert View Pl, Apache Junction. Dangerous Drug Sale charges, approximately 680 gross grams methamphetamine, heroin, prescription pills, drug paraphernalia, 1 vehicle seized, $711.00 cash seized;

Aaron Miller, B/M 26 YOA and Alanna Villanueva, H/F 26 YOA, 600 Block of North Tomahawk Rd., Apache Junction, Dangerous Drug sales charges and weapon violation, narcotic sales charges, 22 grams heroin, suspected methamphetamine, 44 prescription pills seized, $1132.00 cash seized and two firearms;

Greg Angle, W/M 38 YOA, Apache Junction, arrested for Dangerous Drug sales, 1.7 ounces methamphetamine, $1132 cash seized, and one motorcycle seized;

Sandra Davis, W/F 42 YOA, 200 Block of South Vista Rd., Apache Junction. Search warrant executed resulting in Dangerous Drug Sale charges, approximately 1125 gross grams methamphetamine, 166 prescription pills, $9,324 USC, Seized and two vehicles;

David Bagent, W/M 58 YOA, Apache Junction charged with Possession of Dangerous Drug and Sales Charges, approximately 1.25 ounces methamphetamine seized;

Fernando Martinez, H/M 21 YOA, Mexican National last known address Phoenix, AZ., charged with Dangerous Drug Sales, 1.55 ounces meth seized, 1 car seized and $1832 seized;

Kevin Goodman, W/M 38 YOA, resides in Apache Junction, arrested for a felony Department of Corrections warrant and Narcotic Drug Sales charges, 19 grams heroin seized;

Andres Galvez-Samaniego, H/M 22 YOA and Sindy Velazquez, H/F 24 YOA both Mexican Nationals, last known address was in Phoenix, Narcotic Drug Sale charges, weapon offenses, approximately 360 gross grams of heroin, 29 prescription pills,  $4931 USC seized as evidence, one vehicle seized and four firearms seized (one stolen);

Galvez Camacho, H/M, Mexican National, last known address Phoenix, charged with Narcotic Drug Sales charges, approximately two pounds of heroin seized, $3,051 cash seized, one vehicle seized;

Manuel Perez-Villareal, H/M 27 YOA, Mexican National, last known address Phoenix, charged with dangerous Drug sales, 1.23 ounces heroin seized, one vehicle seized;

Darrell Johnson, W/M 38 YOA, Payson, AZ, charged with Dangerous Drug sales and weapon offenses, 32 grams of methamphetamine seized, drug paraphernalia and a firearm;

Sandra Davis, W/F 42 YOA, Apache Junction, Second search warrant executed, which resulted in Dangerous Drug sales charges, 10.6 ounces methamphetamine seized, $593 cash seized.

If anyone has any additional information regarding any of these individuals or other persons involved in the illicit trafficking of narcotics, you can call the Criminal Investigation Division at 480-982-8260 or the Anonymous TIP Line at 480-474-8585.

The public is reminded that, while criminal charges have been filed, all noted persons, are presumed innocent until further determination is made in a court of law.

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