AJPD Thanks DPS for Life Safety Help

Chief Thomas E. Kelly and Lieutenant Thom Parker attended an Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) Command Meeting where they presented DPS Communications Officers Anthony Ashley and Dannette Lehman, along with Aviation Troopers Darrell Detty, Edgar Bissonnette and Daniel Millon Jr. with the Chief’s Letter of Appreciation.

On June 22, 2018, the AJPD responded to a call for a missing person. The subject was alleged to have left his home and gone into the desert without proper clothing, equipment or water, and family had been unable to locate him for hours.

As a result of temperatures exceeding 110 degrees, AJPD officers knew additional steps were immediately needed to locate the person. Shortly thereafter, they requested the assistance of the DPS Aviation Unit.

With information shared by AJPD officers and dispatchers, the troopers were able to locate the subject in a remote location in a desert area that vehicles could not reach. Subsequently, DPS Troopers were able to land their helicopter.

They found the subject to be extremely dehydrated and in need of immediate medical assistance. The troopers quickly loaded him into the helicopter and flew him to a local hospital.

It was the team effort of AJPD officers, communications (both AJPD and DPS) and the DPS troopers, whose combined efforts most likely saved this person’s life.

As a result of these outstanding cooperative actions, Chief Kelly personally recognized and commended them for their services to the Apache Junction Community.

Photo above: AJPD Lieutenant Thom Parker, DPS Communications Officer Anthony Ashley, DPS Trooper Edgar Bissonnette, DPS Trooper Dan Millon Jr., DPS Trooper Darrell Detty, AJPD Chief of Police Thomas E. Kelly.  Missing from picture is DPS Communications Officer Dannette Lehman.

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