AJUSD Honors Employees/Volunteer of the Month

By Dana Trumbull

Apache Junction Unified School District Public Relations Coordinator Sally Marks presented awards for the Volunteer and Classified (support staff)Employee of the Month at the May 8, 2018, Governing Board meeting. The April awards highlighted the District Office.

Genie Marshall received the award for Volunteer of the Month: “A few months ago, Dr. Anderson gave me information about a woman she met at a community event who wanted to do a Facebook page, AJ Teachers Helper, where teachers could post what they want or need for their classrooms and people in the community could grant those wishes,” said Marks. “From cameras to books to empty egg cartons for a project, the list of things provided through the page runs the gamut…She’s optimistic, energetic and she has great ideas.”

Graphics Specialist Nicole Thomas, who wears many more hats than her title implies, took home the award for Classified Employee of the Month. “There’s a quote by a Japanese teacher from the early 1900s that goes, ‘There are three different types of people: those you want to have around, those whose presence doesn’t make a difference one way or the other and those whose presence merely disturbs you.’ Definitely, Nicole is one of the people you want to have around,” stated Marks.

“She’s a multi-talented young woman. She has a great sense of humor, is creative, kind and resourceful in her many, many duties. She tackles a problem and works on it until it’s done.”

Superintendent Dr. Anderson presented the Certified Employee of the Month award to Educational Services Director Heather Wallace. “Being new in the district, there’s a lot of historical pieces that I don’t know how these pieces fit,” confided Anderson. “Heather is the ‘Keeper of Knowledge.’ She’s smart, she’s talented, she has a great rapport with the teachers, and she’s done a fabulous job with special education.”

“This year, we did not have a director of special education, and she stepped up into that role and has done an amazing job working with the teachers, looking at compliance and handling many different things that I know other districts are struggling with, and she has done it with grace and style.”

Photo above: L-R: Genie Marshall, Volunteer of the Month; Nicole Thomas, Classified Employee of the Month and Heather Wallace, Certified Employee of the Month.

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