Apache Junction Woman Sentenced to 20 Years

Earlier convictions stem from March 2017 arrest of Bollinger couple for sexual conduct with minors

An Apache Junction woman who was arrested in 2017, has been sentenced for her part in sexual exploitation and giving drugs to minors. Her husband was also arrested in 2017 and sentenced last June.

Paula Ann Bollinger, 40, of Apache Junction, has been sentenced to two consecutive 10-year prison terms, which will be followed by two counts of lifetime sex offender probation for violations of Sexual Conduct with a Minor and Sexual Exploitation of a Minor.

In June 2018, her husband, Johnny Ray Bollinger, 36, was sentenced by Pinal County Superior Court Judge Joseph R. Georgini to a total of 160 years in prison for his part in the Sexual Conduct with a Minor, Sexual Exploitation of a Minor and Involving or Using a Minor in Drug Offenses.

Just prior to sentencing, Georgini told Mr. Bollinger, “This is one that will never be forgotten.” Further commenting in Bollinger’s sentencing that his abusive acts toward teen-age girls reached a depth never seen by him before.

In March 2017, Apache Junction Police Officers responded to a domestic violence call in the 2000 block of West Greenlee Avenue. Prior to police arrival, Mr. Bollinger threatened to commit suicide, but was placed under arrest following the domestic violence investigation.

Subsequent investigation, led by AJPD Criminal Investigation Division Detective Stephanie Jewell, revealed that Paula and Johnny Bollinger were suspected of repeatedly forcing 16 and 17 year old girls to perform countless sexual acts with them. Additionally, the teenage girls were introduced to drug usage (methamphetamine) and instructed how to properly ingest it. The sexual acts would often involve the teenage girls under the influence of methamphetamine.

Video evidence collected by the Apache Junction Police Department documented the sexual abuse and drug activity involving the Bollingers and the teenage girls. It is believed these criminal acts occurred from 2015 through 2017.

The Prosecuting Attorney for Pinal County was Shawn Jensvold, and Paula Bollinger was sentenced by Pinal County Superior Court Judge Kevin D. White on October 8, 2018.

Picture above: Paula Ann Bollinger (right) has been sentenced to two consecutive 10-year prison terms. Her husband, Johnny Ray Bollinger (left) is currently serving 160 years in prison for his part in sexual conduct with a minor, sexual exploitation of a minor and involving or using a minor in drug offenses.

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