Apache Junction Youth Hero Honored

Vivianna Gonzales thinks fast, helps to save family member

Apache Junction Police Chief Thomas E. Kelly and Sgt. Eric Goodwyn presented 9-year-old Vivianna Gonzales of Apache Junction with an award in front of her classmates at her school on Wednesday April 4th. Vivianna was recognized for the heroic actions she demonstrated in the early morning hours of February 10th.

Viviana called 911 to report that a family member was experiencing a medical emergency and was unconscious. Sgt. Goodwyn stated, “Vivianna demonstrated a calm presence and made the appropriate choice to call 911 for help. Her family member received quick medical treatment and was transported to the hospital.”

Sgt. Goodwyn was on scene the night of the incident. On the morning of the event, Vivianna told Sgt. Goodwyn that she didn’t know what was happening, but she knew that if she called 911, police officers and firefighters would come to help.

Viviana’s mother, Monica Gonzales was given a recorded copy of the 911 call to keep with the award. Monica said that she was proud of her daughter and credited her quick thinking to watching COPS and other emergency type TV shows.

The award presentation was also used as an opportunity to talk to the kids about the proper use of 911. The class was given a short lesson on the dos and don’ts of calling 911. The kids were presented with scenarios where they had to decide whether or not to call 911. #WeAreAJ

Photo above left to right: Apache Junction Police Sgt. Eric Goodwyn presented Vivianna Gonzales, (pictured with her mother, Monica) an award in front of her classmates. AJPD Chief Thomas Kelly joined the ceremony. AJPD photo

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