Ready for Development

AJ Mayor Jeff Serdy

In light of recent reports regarding the open land south of Apache Junction, it is important to know that we are ready. The East Valley Tribune recently published a story on the “Superstition Vistas” project south of the city. The project dates back many years and the newspaper reported that no movement is expected any time soon, although, regionally, the discussion continues. However, it mentioned that perhaps the first domino in the process of long-term development is the land immediately south of U.S. 60, to be known as Lost Dutchman Heights, which lies within the city of Apache Junction. I am here to tell you that the city is ready to expand in this area responsibly. In fact, the city’s infrastructure—including its water and sewer districts —are ready to add many residents to their systems in short order. The sewer district has the capacity to handle several thousand more residents almost immediately. The water district has its new purification plant that can serve several thousand more customers and beyond.  Continue reading...

Alarm Users Notice

On January 17, 2017, the Apache Junction City Council passed and adopted an update to the City Codes regarding Security Alarm Systems (Volume 1, Chapter 16, Security Alarms Systems) and the Public Safety Fee Schedule (Volume 1, Chapter 4, Article 4-7 (Public Safety Fee Schedule), Section 4-7-1, Subsection J (Security Alarm Permit Fees).

The proposed changes to the City Codes were recommended and passed for the following reasons:

  1. Reducing the number of false alarms received from businesses and residences.
  2. Addressing officer safety as a result of recurring false alarms.
  3. Encouraging and educating residents and business owners to register their alarms systems with the City as required by city ordinance.
  4. Updating the alarm permit program and better aligning it with surrounding jurisdictions.
  5. Enhancing prioritization in all calls for service.
  6. Providing an improved response to actual alarms for burglaries and robberies.

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AJ Chamber CEO, Johnson to Leave

Larry Johnson

In a press release dated September 8, 2017, the Apache Junction Chamber of Commerce board of directors announced that they had reached a mutual separation agreement with its president and chief executive officer, Larry Johnson, effective immediately. “Johnson has been invaluable to the chamber over the last eight years and his contributions are immeasurable,” the statement reads. “The board is grateful for his leadership of the chamber and wishes him great success in his future endeavors. “[A] Member of the board of directors will oversee daily operations of the chamber in the interim during the search for a successor.” Continue reading...

Apache Junction Becomes Inaugural Partner of ASU’s ‘Project Cities’

Nestled at the foot of the Superstition Mountains, Apache Junction is strategically positioned as the eastern gateway into the Greater Phoenix metro area and the western entry to the Tonto National Forest’s recreation venues. This geography, coupled with a western atmosphere, make the city appealing to residents and visitors alike. Along with its many attractive qualities, the city of Apache Junction – like most communities – faces unique sustainability challenges as it continues to grow. It is these challenges that form the basis of a partnership with Arizona State University’s Project Cities program.

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True Guns Hits A Bullseye

“I guess I just love guns,” Larry Stover said when asked why he was opening True Guns. “My family was in law enforcement and there were always guys around who felt the same way.” In March, Larry and his partner, Charlie Wise, stocked the display cases, filled the walls and opened True Guns at 1075 S. Idaho Rd., Suite 213 in Apache Junction. They celebrated their grand opening on June 3.

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