Carl Halperin Named School Liaison/D.A.R.E. Officer

Officer Carl Halperin has been named as liaison between Apache Junction Unified School District and the Apache Junction Police Department.

Officer Halperin has an office in the 11/12 building at Apache Junction High School, 2525 S. Ironwood Drive. His duties will include teaching lessons to high school kids about alcohol and related risks, teaching the D.A.R.E. curriculum to all the fifth and eighth grade students in the school district, as well as taking the majority of the district’s criminal or “duty to report” calls for the police department.

Part of his role is to be “Officer Friendly,” demonstrating to students that the police are trusted adults whom they can go to for support.

“In this climate, the police are painted in a negative light, which hinders their ability to effectively build alliances with our community,” said Officer Halperin. “I may be the only positive interaction a student has with law enforcement, and I pride myself on making that interaction fun and memorable.”

The father of three enjoys science and nature outings with his family and added that he feels honored to work with teachers and administrators who understand the importance of educating our youth.

For more information about Apache Junction Unified School District, call 982-1110 or visit or

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