Celebrate Safely

Leave the fireworks to the pros

Fireworks are often used to mark special events and holidays. However, they are not safe in the hands of consumers. Fireworks cause thousands of burns and eye injuries each year.

On Independence Day, fireworks account for two out of five of all reported fires.  Fires caused by careless handling can burn dry brush and grass and spread to nearby structures with devastating speed.

Most burn injuries involve children ages 5 to 9 and largely affect the eyes and hands. Sparklers look fun and harmless, but are in fact, the biggest danger to children. The temperature at the end of the sparkler reaches 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and can easily cause serious third degree burns. Don’t put one in your child’s hand.

Not all fireworks are legal in Arizona. Any device that flies into the air, such as bottle rockets, shell & tube devices, aerials, and firecrackers are all prohibited in the state. Leave these types of fireworks to the professionals.

Some communities may not permit the use of state-approved fireworks within their jurisdiction or may have other restrictions on where and how state-approved fireworks may be used. If you have any doubts, check with your local police or fire department. Citizens who may have fireworks that are illegal can turn them into the Superstition Fire & Medical District – Fire Prevention Bureau without any penalty by calling 480-982-4440.

The city of Apache Jct. will hold its annual fireworks display on July 4th at Apache Jct. High School. Please come and enjoy this wonderful and safe fireworks show and please remember to be safe with fire in our dry desert!

If you would like to know more about the SFMD, please visit our web site at www.sfmd.az.gov, or call our offices at 480-982-4440.

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