Challenges of Student Director Job

Lessons learned in leadership was biggest take-away of experience

By Lexie Carrillo

From the struggles of getting everyone ready to the bows after the show, it was all worth it for eighth grader Lauren Coburn.

Coburn, the student director, was very relieved that she and her classmates got through the Cactus Canyon Junior High advanced drama class’ performance of Santa’s Sugar on Dec. 6. “I felt as if a huge weight fell off my shoulders, knowing that I did alright and that the play was good,” she said.

Coburn said it was challenging to get actors into character at first, but once they got through that, directing was easier.

To improve their skills, Coburn showed the students how to get into their characters and be on task. “I actually had to boss around a lot of my friends, and it was really hard to do that,” she said. “There were a few little issues here and there, but there weren’t any major problems.”

Although it was part of the job, Coburn said she wasn’t always comfortable telling people what to do. “I felt kinda mean, and I don’t like feeling that way, so I would apologize right after,” she said.

Coburn said she learned about leadership by being the student director. “You always have to be able to get anyone and everyone into motion, and you also have to be on task in order for everyone else to,” Coburn said.

Even though there were some rough times deal ing with other students’ attitudes and talk-backs, she still made out to be a great student director and leader. “At first it was hard, and then afterward, it got a little bit easier,” she said. “But bossing people around was challenging, because everyone will fight back.”

Drama teacher Lisa Schroeder said Coburn did her job well and learned from the process. “I feel that she handled all student issues very eloquently, and she was able to delegate duties,” Schroeder said.

The play was based on a book that was written by Jane Grencher, which Coburn thought was a good story for children. “I would say she put a lot of thought and poured her heart into this,” Coburn said. “I’m really glad that she let us perform for her.”

Photo above: Looking at a broken prop, Cheyenne Velock (left) and student director Lauren Coburn (right) discuss how to fix the gingerbread house before the CCJH drama performance of “Santa’s Sugar.”

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