Changes at Superstition Foothills Community Association

By Willa Duba

Superstition Foothills Community Association’s (SFCOA) management is changing hands.

Kinney Management Services announced on July 6 that they are stepping away after 20 years on the job in the Gold Canyon community of 1,058 homes. Complicating the transition is the recent departure of the SFCOA president, vice-president and secretary, months before new elections will be held in December.

Bob Benjamin turned in his resignation as president of the SFCOA board on July 4 following the resignation of vice-president Ray Trankle a few days earlier. Robert Cunningham, secretary of the SFCOA board resigned on July 13.

Michelle Theis and Bob Moore remain on the SFCOA board and are now in the process of selecting a contractor to resume property management.

They have stated on the community bulletin board that they will find a replacement in a timely fashion, and there will be no lapse in the neighborhood’s management.

The residents will be informed when a replacement is chosen. No additional SFCOA meetings have been scheduled.

The current board members were contacted, but at press time, The Apache Junction/Gold Canyon News had not received comments.

Photo above: A common area maintained by Kinney Management

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