AJ Focal Point Group Meeting

Mayor Jeff Serdy shows samples of temporary Royal Palm Blvd. signs.

By Frank Schoenbeck

Mayor Jeff Serdy addressed the Focal Point and Tourism Group on Tuesday, Sept. 12, regarding the proposed transportation improvements in Pinal County.

At the meeting, held at the Chamber of Commerce, he tied the plan to the growth of Apache Junction and the circumstances limiting that progress—mainly the BLM land to the north and east, along with the State Trust Land to the south. Gold Canyon merging with Apache Junction would also be a major step forward, as it would give the city a population size that would attract new businesses.

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Dolls in Our Culture

Figurines, we sometimes call them dolls or figures, are objects made to resemble humans. They are so commonplace today that we think little about them. We may glance briefly at a new doll we see in a toy store or browse in second-hand stores, looking through piles of slightly worn dolls with sad smiles.

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Neighborhood Partnerships

Want to learn more about your city? Have some questions about city programs, policies or procedures? Here is your chance to ask.
When the meetings are established, initial concerns and requested topics and speakers are solicited. City officials will provide a brief update and then field questions from residents in an interactive forum.

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Housing Rehab: Homeowners Wanted

There is still time to apply for federal funds—received by the city of Apache Junction—as part of the owner occupied housing rehabilitation program. The program provides deferred payment loans from $1,000 to $55,000 for heating, air conditioning, plumbing, roofs, ADA accessibility, code violations and health and safety issues.

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Genesis Project Collaborates to Expand Services

By Dana Trumbull

For nearly a year now, a collaboration has been simmering in the soup kitchens at Genesis Project, melding the capabilities of the United Way of Pinal County (UWPC) and the City of Apache Junction with the homeless and at risk outreach of Genesis.

Genesis Project is a faith-based 501c3 located at 564 N. Idaho Rd. Suite 5, in Apache Junction, across the street from the county complex. The coalition of local churches that makes up the organization have banded together for the common purpose of aiding the less fortunate. Their mission is to feed the hungry and the homeless and to provide opportunities for showers, clothing and medical services. Partnering with United Way and the City, those services are now extending further to help homeless and at risk community members get back on their feet.

“It started with the financial stability classes this past winter, where class members expressed what gaps they were trying to leap over,” elaborated UWPC Executive Director Manuela Rehm-Bowler. “The common denominator was the need for a navigator and a cheerleader in their corner.” In the spring of this year, United Way started going to Genesis Project on Mondays to help people navigate the system in their efforts to access available resources. “We’ve helped people find housing, procure copies of birth certificates, earn their drivers licenses and connect with other resources.

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Help Prevent Mosquito Related Illness

Last week, during routine mosquito surveillance, the Pinal County Public Health Services District (PCPHSD) detected the first West Nile Virus (WNV) positive mosquitoes in the county this season, more specifically in the San Tan Valley area.  West Nile Virus (WNV), which is spread through the bite of certain mosquitoes, is now common in Arizona.

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Call to Artists

Artists are encouraged to apply for inclusion in the 18th Annual Gold Canyon Arts Festival. The Festival is a one-day event that will be held on Saturday, January 27, 2018 on the grounds of the Gold Canyon United Methodis. Many artists and participants say this is the “best one day” show they’ve experienced.

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GC Man Takes ‘Honor Flight’

Honor Flight Arizona recently took Gold Canyon resident and Korean War vet Murray Hiatt on his first trip to visit ten memorials in or near Washington, D.C. “They really make you feel important, they meet you at the airport, take your bags and feed you a light breakfast before your departure,” Mr. Hiatt recalled. He marvelled at the warm reception and level of care his group of 30—15 in wheelchairs—were shown by everyone they encountered.

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