Nov. 6 & 7 Council Update

At the Monday work session, the council heard a presentation from members of the Health and Human Services Commission regarding fiscal year 2017-18 funding recommendations. Members explained that all funds must be used for residents of the city and that certain reporting requirements are expected from those receiving the funds.

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Raptor Release

On Saturday, November 25th, bring your children to visit the Lost Dutchman State Park to watch the release of one of two hawks by local Liberty Wildlife volunteers. Liberty Wildlife guardians are committed to the well-being of native wildlife in Arizona. The volunteers rescue injured animals, enable their rehabilitation, and share release of the animal into the wild.

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Arizona’s Apache Trail

There is nothing more Arizona than the story of the Apache Trail and the challenges to build it between 1903-1905. This roadway was at the center of one of the first major efforts to promote Arizona and its beautiful climate by the Southern Pacific Railroad between 1915-1927. There are many stories about Arizona, however Arizona history would be incomplete without this story.

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Food Bank Calls for Volunteers

The Apache Junction Food Bank is on track again this year to provide food to nearly 40,000 area residents, but it needs more volunteers to do so. Data shows that it takes 3 volunteer hours to help each person given food by the Food Bank, and so far this year, volunteers have donated 10,488 hours.

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Kollenborn: Edwin's War

Armistice (Veteran’s) Day comes and goes each year. We remember the men and women, who have paid the ultimate price, so we as Americans can enjoy our freedom. The American soldier has fought around the globe defending the American flag. Most of these soldiers return home and become average citizens once again.

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Lettering in Academics

Apache Junction High School awarded 111 academic letters and pins to 10th, 11th and 12th grade students on Wednesday, November 1, 2017. The classic chenille letter “A” recognizes students who have earned a 4.01 grade point average (GPA) or better. “It isn’t enough to earn straight A’s,” explained Principal Larry LaPrise.

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Recent Scam is Directed at Caregivers

By Bill Van Nimwegen

There is no end to the schemes con artists will use to separate unsuspecting people from their money.

A recently discovered scam involved a classified ad in The News, offering $20/hr. for caregiver services. Applicants were asked to respond to an email address. The News learned that at least 4 people responded to the ad and received an offer to begin working for a family that was en route to Apache Junction from British Columbia, Canada. The payment would be arranged by a local 3rd party with a “certified check” for more than the amount owed to the caregiver. The scam would be complete after the applicant deposited the check and returned the balance to the 3rd party. Unfortunately, the check would turn out to be no good, leaving the caregiver on the hook for the full amount.

Mrs. Paula Toman of Apache Junction, a former nurse,  was saved that expense by her own due diligence and asking for help from her bank and the Apache Junction Police Department (AJPD).

Mrs. Toman answered the classified ad for a caregiver and asked, via email, for their phone number so that she could discuss the job with them and learn about the elderly person needing care. The potential employer emailed her back saying that she suffered from a hearing impairment and to expect a call from her husband.

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Neighborhood Partnerships

Want to learn more about your city? Have some questions about city programs, policies or procedures? Here is your chance to ask.
When the meetings are established, initial concerns and requested topics and speakers are solicited. City officials will provide a brief update and then field questions from residents in an interactive forum.

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Housing Rehab: Homeowners Wanted

There is still time to apply for federal funds—received by the city of Apache Junction—as part of the owner occupied housing rehabilitation program. The program provides deferred payment loans from $1,000 to $55,000 for heating, air conditioning, plumbing, roofs, ADA accessibility, code violations and health and safety issues.

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Help Prevent Mosquito Related Illness

Last week, during routine mosquito surveillance, the Pinal County Public Health Services District (PCPHSD) detected the first West Nile Virus (WNV) positive mosquitoes in the county this season, more specifically in the San Tan Valley area.  West Nile Virus (WNV), which is spread through the bite of certain mosquitoes, is now common in Arizona.

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