Desert Wells Multi-Use Area Reopens

Upgrades made to off-highway vehicle area, SE of Gold Canyon

Users of Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs) will find improved access and parking as the Desert Wells Multi-Use Area has reopened after three months of reconstruction, State Land Commissioner Lisa A. Atkins announced. The estimated final cost of reconstruction of the entryway, driveway and parking area is $130,000 – about $70,000 under budget.

The popular OHV area, near mile marker 207 on U.S. 60 southeast of Gold Canyon, is the only OHV riding area with designated trails on Arizona State Trust Land, which is managed by the Arizona State Land Department. Reconstruction began in early August, during which the facility was closed to the public.

Guardrails will help prevent vehicles larger than OHVs from entering the Multi-Use Area from the parking lot. The lot has been regraded and reconstructed. The improvements are funded by grants from Arizona State Parks and Trails and the U.S. Highway Administration’s Recreational Trails Program.

“The enhancements will allow many more years of enjoyable and responsible use of the Multi-Use Area,” Commissioner Atkins said. “The State Land Department is pleased to reopen Desert Wells as cooler fall weather has arrived in Arizona’s deserts, and we appreciate OHV users patiently waiting for the work to be completed.”

About the Arizona State Land Department

Public education is by far the largest beneficiary of Trust land managed by the Arizona State Land Department, whose mission since 1915 is to manage the assets of a multi-generational perpetual trust in alignment with the interests of the Trust’s 13 beneficiaries and Arizona’s future.

All uses of the land and resources held in the Trust must benefit the Trust, a fact that distinguishes it from the way public land, such as parks or national forests, may be used or managed.

While public use of Trust land is not prohibited, it is regulated to ensure protection of the land and its resources and compensation to the beneficiaries for its use.

Today the Arizona State Land Department pro-actively manages more than 9.2 million acres of Trust land, which is 13 percent of the land within the State of Arizona.

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