Emergency Training for 1st Responders

Multi-agency exercise on April 17

By Marshall Harshman

On April 17, 2019, Apache Junction Police Department (AJPD) officers and various command staff participated in a multi-agency training exercise at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.

Participants had no prior knowledge of the  event, which simulated the crash of a commercial aircraft carrying 100 passengers. An incident of this magnitude would require the cooperation and response of several agencies to properly address the situation and handle the multi-faceted problems that would stem from such a critical event.

Assessments were conducted regarding the team operations, incident command, unified command and operations of the Emergency Operations Center.

Regarding the training, Lieutenant Thomas Parker said, “This was an outstanding training opportunity in which all were able to learn and benefit. Cooperation, coordination and shared responsibilities on these crisis events are paramount.”

Some of the other participating agencies included: Mesa Police and Fire Departments, Superstition Fire and Medical District, Queen Creek Fire, Gilbert Police and Fire, Phoenix Police and Fire Departments, Arizona Department of Emergency Affairs, Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Gateway Airport Authority. #WeAreAJ

Photo above: Multiple local first-response agencies participated in a training exercise at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.

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