Enhanced Traffic Enforcement on Ironwood Drive

The Apache Junction Police Department (AJPD) is increasing traffic enforcement efforts on Ironwood Drive between Guadalupe Road and Superstition Blvd. The enhanced enforcement is one part of a strategic plan to decrease the number of traffic collisions on Ironwood Road.

Over the past year there have been more than 800 traffic related incidents/accidents between Guadalupe Road and Superstition Blvd. The number of incidents has been trending upward from 58 incidents in April of 2018 to 89 incidents in March of 2019. Of the total number, 153 of the incidents involved serious injuries, and four of the incidents resulted in fatalities.

The public should expect to see an increased presence of police officers in the area throughout the summer and into the fall. Officers will be looking for various violations, including, but not limited to speed enforcement, unsafe lane changes, distracted drivers, failure to obey traffic control devices and failure to yield while leaving a private drive.

Enforcement alone will not fix the problem. Drivers should exercise caution and drive defensively, especially in these congested areas. Please be a courteous and safe driver. Arrive to your destination safely.

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