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Evacuation for Gas Leak in Peralta Trail Neighborhood

A dozen residents from several homes near Peralta Trail Elementary School were evacuated after a gas leak was discovered last Wednesday night.

According to a report from Superstition Fire & Medical District (SFMD), crews from both SFMD and Mesa Fire Department (MFD) were dispatched to 7939 S. Open Trail Ln. in Peralta Canyon Wednesday night, August 2, at about 8:40 p.m. for a reported gas leak.
Four units from SFMD and one Haz-Mat unit from MFD arrived to find Southwest Gas Company (SWG) already on scene the report said.

SWG said that they had been called out to check a gas smell that had been reported by a resident. Gas company workers confirmed that they got significant readings on their meters, indicating that a gas leak was present throughout the general area.
Continued readings taken by SWG and firefighters confirmed that gas was also present in several homes.
SFMD evacuated 12 residents from a total of 11 homes and took them to a neighborhood clubhouse while Southwest Gas Company worked to identify the source of the leak.

All gas and electrical power was shut off to the affected homes, and SWG later identified the exact location of the leak.
The displaced Peralta Trail residents were later escorted by firefighters to retrieve pets and other important items from their homes. A representative from Southwest Gas later told the neighbors that they would not be able to return to their homes that night, and possibly not for several days while repairs are made.

Lodging for the residents was arranged and paid for by SWG.

Fire crews remained on scene until about midnight to support the gas company workers and to confirm that all hazards had been secured.

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