Hikers Stranded Overnight in Superstitions

After spending the night on Superstition Mountain with volunteers from Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Association, three stranded hikers were picked up by a Department of Public Safety (DPS) helicopter last Wednesday morning.

According to a Facebook post from the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, their dispach got a call for help Tuesday evening. Because it was already dark, rescuers could not bring the three hikers down the mountain, so rescue volunteers stayed with them overnight.

Superstition Fire & Medical District met the hikers and the DPS helicopter at the base of the mountain the next day.

In a statement posted on their Facebook page, SFMD said: “Our crews assisted Pinal County Sheriff’s Office and MCSO with a rescue at Siphon Draw this morning. Two hikers spent the night on top of the mountain and needed assistance getting down. They were evaluated by our crews and released without any injuries.”

DPS said three people, two of them in their 70s, were suffering from exhaustion near the Flatiron summit off Siphon Draw trail.

Photo above: Superstition Fire & Medical District met the airlifted hikers after their overnight stay in the Superstitions. SFMD photo

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