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One of the first questions a 911 dispatcher asks when you call 9-1-1 is “What is your address?” or “Where are you located?” Based on the location information provided, emergency personnel will respond to that location. Emergency personnel are diligent in trying to get to the emergency as quickly as possible; however, delays may occur if access to the property is restricted or they are unable to find the specific unit or address number. The Apache Junction Police Department wants to remind all resident:; if we can’t find you, we can’t help you.

Some things to consider when evaluating your home and business for address visibility:

  • Can my house or business number be clearly seen from the street?
  • Is my address visible at night?
  • Is the address lettering large enough to be seen during day and night?
  • For multi-housing communities, are all addresses in a uniform location? Are the streets clearly marked?
  • For condo or apartment buildings, are the building numbers/addresses easily identified? Are the individual units in that building clearly marked?

Address markings on mailboxes do not always identify the proper residential location.

If improvements in address visibility need to be made, here are a few steps each resident and business owner can take to ensure their address is easily found during the day and at night.

  • Place your address on the wall or surface closest to the street.
  • Ensure the address is high enough that it can easily be seen. A general guideline is between 4 ½ -5 ½ feet off the ground.
  • If you are unable to place the address on your house or business, ensure the address is properly marked by using a post or markings on the street in front.
  • Ensure the address lettering is large enough to be viewed from the street: 4” letters are recommended.
  • Use reflective paint or stickers to enhance nighttime address visibility.
  • Trim all landscaping that may interfere with the visibility of the address.
  • Replace old, faded or crumbling signs and lettering.
  • Point lighting at the address to increase nighttime visibility.

Each resident and business operator should check the front of their home, apartment or business unit to ensure their specific location can be easily found and identified from the street. When someone has an emergency, the last concern should be whether or not emergency personnel can find them. Help the AJPD help you, and ensure your address is clearly marked and visible both day and night.

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