Ironwood Intersection Cameras Capture Traffic Patterns Only

But don’t let that stop you from smiling as you go by

As a result of questions on Facebook regarding cameras being installed at intersections along Ironwood Drive, the city of Apache Junction has provided an explanation and a bit of history.

“The cameras being installed along Ironwood Drive are part of the city’s Intelligent Transportation System, passed in 2016 and funded by the federal government through the Maricopa Association of Governments.

The cameras are real time, non-recording cameras that are being used to detect vehicles and bicycles as they cross the intersections. The system will help the city evaluate traffic patterns and adjust signals. It cannot be used by law enforcement to issue speeding or red light tickets.

The equipment eventually will be part of a real-time traffic system that will allow the city to respond to traffic changes or congestion. The camera installation is expected to continue over the next few months.”

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