Nov. 19 & 20 City Council Meetings

Nov. 19 Work Session

The Apache Junction City Council discussed a bid award for Superstition Shadows Park Aquatics Facility Pool Re-Surfacing, for a maximum cost of $276,387.10. The project includes replacement of lighting and hand rails. The pools were last resurfaced in 2002. This item was approved with the Nov. 20 consent agenda.

There was a discussion on proposed amendments to Apache Junction City Code, Property Maintenance Standards. Staff presented proposed recommended changes to the property maintenance code that was most recently amended in 2006. This was the second discussion on this issue and included some additions to clarify definitions. The Council will hear this for adoption on December 4, 2018.

Also discussed was a proposed ordinance amending the Apache Junction City Animal Control Fee Schedule. The amendment allows the city manager to convene a panel of city residents for a civil hearing in lieu of a citation for animal noise nuisance. The amendment also eliminates the class 3 kennel permit; allows alternative owner notification of animals impounded during the arrest of owner and provides for abandonment determination.

The amendment allows for the city to recover animal care costs for animals found in motor vehicles when owner is not present, eliminates the licensing and other fees for potbellied pigs, clarifies jurisdiction and quarantine of potbellied pig bites, and adds clarifications and terminology to criminal filings and penalties. In general, there are minor grammar and terminology changes. It was noted there are no fee increases recommended. The Council will hear this for adoption on December 4, 2018.

The Council also discussed a proposed second amendment to the Intergovernmental Agreement with Topaz Regional Wireless Cooperative (PD). This item was approved along with other items on the Nov. 20 consent agenda.

Nov. 20 Regular Session

The Council unanimously passed Ordinance No. 1466 amending the Apache Junction City Code, Vol. 1, Municipal Court, by adding Section 5-1-11, Home Detention Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Program.

The Council unanimously agreed to continue until Feb. 19, 2018, hearing a proposal to rezone 50 acres of a 78-acre property located at the southeast corner of US60 and S. Idaho Rd., from B-1/PD (General Commercial by Planned Development) to B-5/PD (Light Industrial/Business Park by Planned Development); and amending the development plan for the remaining 28 acres, also zoned B-1/PD.

The next Council Meetings will be held December 3-4, 2018. City Council meetings are open to the public and held in chambers at 300 E. Superstition Blvd. in Apache Junction. The meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. Complete agendas and supporting materials are available at

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