Panthers Face Slippery Situation

Imagine Prep, EVAC Boys Basketball Game Suspended

By Daniel Dullum

Lopsided as the score of Imagine Prep-Superstition’s CAA boys basketball game on Tuesday against EVAC, a winner has yet to be determined.

With the Panthers leading 37-6 with 3:47 remaining in the second quarter, the last in a series of stoppages to address water condensation on the playing floor brought the game to a halt. The game officials suspended the contest in the interest of player safety.

“I know that our AD will get with EVAC’s AD and talk with the CAA commissioner, and see how they want to handle this,” Panthers Coach Travis Gordon said. “They’ll look for an open date to maybe finish the game where it left off, or see if it’s worth finishing.

“We’ll let the AD’s and the CAA decide what’s going on.”

Gordon also felt it was the right call, given the situation.

“It got too humid in here for some reason,” Gordon said. “With all the people in here, it added to the humidity and the condensation on the floor had guys slipping. It’s not worth it, especially when you’ve got two teams who will probably be playing in the tournament later on. You don’t want to subject anyone to an injury that could affect their season.”

Before the game was suspended, the Panthers jumped to an 11-0 lead in the first three minutes. Lareon Ginnis already had 19 points for IPS.

“We saw a lot of what we wanted to see,” Gordon said. “We saw the defensive intensity, we saw the pressure, we’re trying to play a little bit faster and organize a little bit faster.

“Even though it was a short game, we saw the things that we’ve been building up to this point. It was good to see the heart and the intensity after having such a long break.”

Photo above: Imagine Prep-Superstition players and coaches wait for the referees to make a determination as to continue their CAA boys basktball game against EVAC on Jan. 8 at Panther Arena. Stoppages involving water condensation on the floor caused the game to be suspended. (Photo by Daniel Dullum)

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