Police Investigate Animal Cruelty Case in AJ Home

Over 30 animals found to be in state of neglect

Apache Junction Police (AJPD) have filed criminal charges against a city resident for Animal Cruelty/Neglect. According to an official news release, Vyle Raven-Greyv (69) of 2344 E. Scenic Street kept 4 dogs, 7 tortoises, a pot-bellied pig, 8 ducks, 8 chickens, a pigeon, 2 snakes and a lizard at her residence. “All the animals were found to be living in unsuitable conditions; the vast majority underweight and suffering from lack of proper nutrition,” officials reported.

“On the evening of July 5, 2018, an investigation was initiated when Animal Control Officer (ACO) K.C. Sheahan was dispatched to the area of 2300 E. Scenic for a report of a loose German Shepherd.

“The ACO followed the dog as it ran into the residence of 2344 E. Scenic Street. Neighbors had claimed that the resident of that property (Raven-Greyv) had not been seen for two days. Many animals, ranging from poultry to tortoises to dogs, were found to be in a possible state of neglect. Additionally, observations of the property seemed to indicate a hoarding situation. It was later determined Ms. Raven-Greyv was alive and well, but had merely left the property for an undetermined amount of time.”

Officials said that a multi-departmental team, including AJPD, Code Compliance Office, Park Rangers, Paws and Claws Care Center, as well as representatives of the Phoenix Herpetological Society and local farming community were assembled to execute a search warrant.

“On July 11, 2018, a search warrant was executed at 2344 E. Scenic St., which resulted in the seizure of over 30 animals.”

Apache Junction Code Compliance office is investigating the home’s hoarding conditions.

Photo above: A search warrant on an Apache Junction home led to charges of Animal Cruelty/Neglect when it was discovered that more than 30 animals occupied the home. The City’s Code Compliance office is investigating the home’s hoarding conditions. AJPD photo

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