Police Officer Scam Alert

The Apache Junction Police Department has been alerted to an apparent scam in which a person is representing himself as an Apache Junction police officer.

Under the ruse, a person identifying himself as “Sean Parker” is calling individuals and stating he is an Apache Junction police officer and uses a telephone number of 480-982-8260, which is the non-emergency number for the Apache Junction police department. The department currently does not employ an officer named “Sean Parker.”

The caller tries to get people to transfer funds to quash a false warrant he explains to potential victims. The Apache Junction Police Department does not contact individuals by telephone offering to accept money for warrants.

So far, individuals targeted by “Parker” were smart and asked questions. After being asked, “Parker” referred them to another individual named, “Nathan Baxter,” at a toll-free number, 844-242-0008. At least one website lists that number as a possible telemarketing number.

The targeted individuals confirmed and verified some of the businesses they were directed to, for example, “US Finance Resources.” An internet search of this company revealed a variety of scams associated with this business.

“Parker” initially asked for $1,988.61, but reduced the amount by half after being challenged by the individual. The targeted individuals hung up and called Mesa police, who alerted the Apache Junction Police Department. No transfer of funds were ever made.
Please call 480-982-8260 if you are or have been contacted by this person.

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