Prank Call Prompts AJ High School Lock-Down on Friday, Dec. 14

The Apache Junction High School (AJHS) campus was about to let out for the week when the Apache Junction Police Department (AJPD) received a call saying there was an active shooter at the school.

As a precaution, the high school and nearby junior high and learning center were locked down on Friday, December 14 at around 1:45 p.m.

In a brief statement to media, AJPD Captain Arnold Freeman referred to the call as a prank. “At this time, we have no known victims and suspect that this will be a prank call. However, all precautions are being taken and the high school is being searched,” he wrote. Captain Freeman also identified the source of the call. “The juvenile caller has been located and is being debriefed.”

AJPD did a sweep of the campus as news helicopters hovered overhead and parents waited anxiously for information.

South Ironwood Dr. and Southern Blvd. were blocked in front of the school, as were ramps to nearby US-60. The lock-down delayed bus transportation for all of Apache Junction Unified School District’s (AJUSD) schools.

The incident lasted about an hour and students were released at 2:59 p.m. In an email,  AJUSD spokesperson Sally Marks told parents: “We received an unconfirmed report of an incident at the high school that prompted us to lock down. As a precautionary measure CCJH, the District Office and the TLC are also on lock-down. The police investigated and found no threat. Your students are safe. However, there will be a delay in transportation. The buses at all sites will be late.”

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