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Prepare for Rain

By Al Bravo

With the monsoon season’s arrival, one of the most challenging consequences we face in Apache Junction is how the water travels through our city.

The city has several washes and retention basins throughout that collect water and lead to runoff across roads and yards.

Residents are encouraged to prepare for the upcoming rainy season by clearing out brush, debris or trash from areas on their property where water flows. Those in established neighborhoods can also help by clearing retention areas, specifically those with grates, which trap floating material and cause local flooding.

Authorities say clearing washes allows the water to flow as it should and also minimizes the risk of debris flowing downstream and damaging roads or other areas.

The city prioritizes clearing up areas within its “right of way” and areas already maintained by the city. But many areas are part of home owners associations, common areas and on private property.

“We hope our citizens will chip in to help themselves and their neighbors by removing trash or brush in their areas in anticipation of the summer monsoons,” said Apache Junction Mayor Jeff Serdy. “This is a great way to show support for your community and supplement efforts already underway.”

In addition to the work done by the city, the Apache Junction Unified School District has cleared off areas around schools and other groups have taken the initiative as well.

For information as well as instruction on maintaining natural washes and drainage channels on private property, please contact the city Development Services Department at (480) 474-5083. For information on drainage issues in public roadways, please contact the city Public Works Department at (480) 982-1055.

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