P&Z Discusses Hitching Post CUP

Establishment seeks to expand

The Hitching Post establishment is seeking to expand their outdoor attractions to include events and concerts, sand volleyball court, cornhole games, fire pits, bull-riding, a putting green and other activities for patrons and guests of the existing restaurants.

On March 13, the Apache Junction Planning and Zoning Commission heard a presentation and had a discussion of a conditional use permit (CUP-9-17) application. The request was made by Mehmood Mohiuddin, represented by Ralph Pew of Pew and Lake, PLC, for approval of the permit to create an entertainment experience for guests of the Hitching Post and HP Steakhouse restaurants.

In 2014, Mr. Mohiuddin purchased properties surrounding his restaurants, which currently have a CUP allowing bull riding two nights a week. In 2017, Mr. Mohiuddin combined his 5 adjoining parcels into one parcel and then split it into three parcels. They are each zoned differently, and the CUP request applies only to the B-1 (General Commercial) zoned property at 2341 N. Apache Trail. The CUP application includes a request for up to 15 outdoor events throughout the year, which may include music concerts, car shows, weddings, charity or fundraising events, corporate parties and craft shows. The events would be in addition to the bull riding nights that are currently permitted.

In the past, neighbors of the establishment have objected to CUP applications for special events, citing noise, parking and traffic safety issues. Mr. Mohiuddin withdrew his last application after aggrieved parties challenged its approval. The commission took no action on the current application, and there was no public hearing on March 13, but commissioners made a request to review past noise complaints filed with the Apache Junction Police Department before a scheduled public hearing on March 27.

Planning & Zoning Commission meetings are open to the public and held in chambers at 300 E. Superstition Blvd. in Apache Junction. The meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. Complete agendas, supporting materials and videos of past meetings are available at https://apachejunction.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx.

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  1. Hey AJ City Govt.. I can’t believe how much you’ve harassed this particular business since he put it back in use. It is hard to believe in AMERICA a business has to get permits to run their business profitably. From what I hear the noise complaints come from a specific neighbor that was recently seen meeting with the *former* mayor Insalco before this hearing (that picture sure looked {fishy}). Just keep harassing this guy and he’ll move this great place to another more *forward thinking town* and we can get ZERO tax dollars for our town.

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