SFMD Deployed to California Wild Fire

SFMD Wildland Team assigned to the Woosley Fire in Ventura County are (left to right): Firefighter Matt Dold, Firefighter Ryan Philips, Engineer Mark Blackstone and Captain Brian Logsdon.

The Superstition Fire & Medical District (SFMD) deployed a Wildland Engine Crew to the Thousand Oaks area of Southern California on Nov. 9 and they returned safely on Nov. 16.

This was the fourth time this year the SFMD Wildland Team sent members to California to assist with wildfires.

Although all SFMD firefighters are trained and equipped to extinguish wildfires, only about 30 members belong to the District’s Wildland Team. Team members are deployed to fires around Arizona and to several other states as needed.

The fire district is compensated by contract for each firefighter’s salary when deployed and for each piece of apparatus that is assigned to fires.

Additionally, the contract provides for the cost of a firefighter to “backfill” for any on-duty firefighter that is assigned to a wildfire.

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