Superior Court Judge Fuller Won’t Be Charged for Abuse

Prosecutors do not have ‘level of evidence’ needed to win conviction

Steven Fuller

Steven Fuller, a judge for the Pinal County Superior Court will not be charged on allegations of sexually abusing a minor.

According to Alan Goodwin, who leads the special victims bureau at the Pima County prosecutor’s office, prosecutors do not have the level of evidence needed to win a conviction. The announcement came last Monday, May 21, 2018.

Fuller, who has adamantly denied the accusations, passed a voluntary polygraph test in early March with “flying colors,” according to Dennis Wilenchik, Fuller’s lawyer. The test was performed by Northland Investigations, LLC. in Flagstaff.

Wilenchik also asserted that Fuller has cooperated  completely throughout the investigation.

During the investigation, Fuller was reassigned, by his request, to handle civil cases in order to minimize any potential for compromising the public’s confidence in the court or the administration of justice, according to Todd D. Zweig, administrator for Pinal County Superior Court.

Mesa police initially investigated the case, but turned it over to Pinal County authorities after learning that the alleged abuse purportedly happened there. Pinal County officials then requested that the Pima County sheriff’s office handle the case in order to avoid any conflict of interest.

Wilenchik added that Fuller will likely seek to return to the criminal court bench.

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