Superstition Foothills HOA

Responds to resignations, names new management

By Willa Duba

More than fifty Superstition Foothills Community Association (SFCOA) homeowners gathered at the Gold Canyon Firehouse on Tuesday, July 24, to attend an HOA board of directors meeting. The board appointed three interim board members and assumed new positions. Meryl Tonne, treasurer; Susan Tvedten, secretary; and Joan Eastlack, member at large, will join the remaining members, President Robert Moore and Vice President Michelle Theis. A regular election will take place in December. Homeowners are encouraged to become involved in their HOA and committees. Find more information or contact board members at

Board Members also voted to contract Tru-Star Management to manage the 1058 homes in the Superstition Foothills Community. Tru-Star Management gave a winning presentation to the board members and homeowners that focused on new technological amenities that they can offer the community. Homeowners can expect an introductory letter from the management company that will address questions about where to send their HOA dues. President Robert Moore stated at the meeting that the board is committed to not changing member dues, despite the change in management.

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