The AJ/GC NEWS to Publish on Wednesdays

New delivery day to take effect February 13

On February 11, The Apache Junction/Gold Canyon News will NOT be in your driveway or news stand – until two days later! Wednesday deliveries, beginning February 13, will allow your locally owned, locally reported and locally supported Hometown News Team to expand opportunities with advertisers… and it is advertising, along with the support of our 40,000+ readers, that keeps us in business.

As a great bonus, the new delivery cycle will enable sportswriter Daniel Dullum to expand local game coverage to include weekend play!

As always, we will keep you informed with timely news from the city, county, schools, police and fire district, as well as business highlights, worship guides and local events. We continue to pull from Tom Kollenborn’s vast archives to feature stories of local history, and your voice can always be heard in our Viewpoints section with Letters to the Editor (email us at: by noon on Thursday to have your letter printed).

We delight in sharing the full spectrum of news affecting the AJ/GC area factually, clearly and without bias or sensationalism, embracing the good news along with the informative and controversial topics. In so doing, we enhance the identity of the neighbors we serve, supporting healthy discussion, informed opinions, civic pride and sound decision-making throughout the business, government, individual and private entities that comprise our community.

If you would like to help support our mission, you can contribute at Many readers tell us they still enjoy hard copy news; that a digital format does not deliver the same experience as holding the paper while they read. Others prefer the convenience and portability of the digital presence. These things are important, and we are dedicated to continuing – and continuously improving – both formats. Your contribution will help offset the rising costs of paper and printing, as well as support a more robust online experience.

The newspaper delivery date is the first of several changes you will see this year, designed to evolve both our hard copy and digital presence to better meet the needs of our demographic. Thank you for making The AJ/GC News your preferred local news provider!

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