Training for the Worst

While many law enforcement and fire/medical personnel train each month, the Apache Junction Police Department (AJPD) partnered with Superstition Fire and Medical Department (SFMD) in June to prepare for a day that we all hope we never see. Active shooter exercises were drilled by all of the officers and paramedics as they spent a day at Apache Junction High School. The AJPD SWAT team planned the scenarios and supervised as safety officers, along with SFMD Battalion Chiefs. After each exercise, they critiqued the actions of patrol officers and paramedics in order to continue the learning process.

Sgt. Paul Newman said, “This training is crucial for law enforcement, fire personnel and the Apache Junction School District to be as prepared as possible in the event of an Active Shooter(s). We train and plan as much as possible to save lives every day, and if, or when this day comes, it will challenge us all to the fullest.”

Active shooter training   sharpens officer’s and medics skills in teamwork, weapons safety and communication. We live in a world where law enforcement and medics are expected to be prepared to handle a variety of public safety incidents. AJPD and SFMD continue to train to stay ready for the next call for service, regardless of the nature.

Photo above: Apache Junction Police Department at a recent active shooter training exercise.

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