Warrant Resolution Day, June 9, 2018

The Apache Junction Justice Court will hold its semi-annual Warrant Resolution Day on Saturday, June 9, 2018 from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. The Apache Junction Justice Court is located at 575 N. Idaho Road, Suite 200 Apache Junction, AZ 85119.

Anyone with a warrant issued by the Apache Junction Justice Court can appear on June 9 to have their warrant quashed and get their case back on track.

Justice of the Peace, Shaun Babeu will open the court on Saturday in hopes to benefit those who have missed their court date during the regular work week due to their job or school schedules. “Many people have to make a tough decision on coming to court or potentially losing their job, so we want to see if we can work toward getting these cases back on track and clear the warrant.”

Judge Babeu stated that this event is a way for people to resolve their warrants on a weekend and not face the prospect of being arrested. In many cases individuals get pulled over for civil traffic violations and are then taken into custody because they have an active warrant. Jail Costs for Pinal County are estimated to be $73.00 a day and those costs are never recouped when people are booked into the jail on a warrant. The court is willing to make this effort in an attempt to get individuals back on track and to save the taxpayers money.

In many cases, individuals who have a warrant also have their driver’s license suspended which can be a huge obstacle in getting or keeping employment as well as putting a strain on their ability to support a family. The Apache Junction Justice Court is also providing a pathway for people who have their driver license suspended due to non-compliance issues, to get their license reinstated. Defendants who have defaulted on a payment plan for civil traffic case can restart their payment plan on this day. With an initial payment of $50.00 the court will issue the abstract that will lift the suspension hold on their license.

This will be the fourth time that the Apache Junction Justice Court has conducted a weekend warrant resolution day. The first three events, cleared over 100 warrants and/or reinstated driving privileges to those whose ability to drive had been suspended. While many feared that this was a ploy to have them arrested, there were no arrests at that time and there will be no arrests at this Saturday setting. Defendants will be set up with new court dates or payment plans.

The Apache Junction Justice Court has approximately 3,200 active misdemeanor warrants and its jurisdiction covers the communities of Apache Junction, Gold Canyon and San Tan Valley. This only applies to cases in the Apache Junction Justice Court. Individuals may contact the Apache Junction Justice Court at 480-982-2921 to check the status of their case and determine if they are eligible to attend.

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